Humidity, a runner’s enemy

I try to find cooler places to run - like this neighborhood with the sprinklers! Now in my sixth week, marathon training has been going well with intervals, hill repeats, and long runs. My speed was improving, as well as my VO2 level. I felt great. Then, the humidity of summer set in. The cool, … Continue reading Humidity, a runner’s enemy

Marathon training – the bumps and bruises along the way…

Nothing can sideline marathon training like an injury. I know because it happened to me when I was training for my first marathon a few years ago. The four-month recovery seemed like an eternity, and it was difficult to stay positive through the pain and weeks of physical therapy. Learning from that experience, I'm very … Continue reading Marathon training – the bumps and bruises along the way…

Garbage in, garbage out – be selective about your running fuel

I thought I was eating well until I found myself slogging through a seven-mile run recently with heavy legs and little motivation. Sure, I could blame it on the humidity, but in reality, it was probably the nachos and salsa followed by a burger and beer the night before - not exactly the high-quality fuel … Continue reading Garbage in, garbage out – be selective about your running fuel

Marathon training begins (again)

Earlier this year, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I registered for my first spring marathon at Jim Thorpe on May 17. In March and early April, I started training, but then I had to stop when the running group in charge of the race decided to postpone it to Sept. 27. Although disappointed, I also … Continue reading Marathon training begins (again)

Thanks, Mom!

One of the many things my mom did for me was teaching me about good nutrition. She did it by example every day as I was growing up. I never left the house without breakfast, and every evening, there was a home-cooked meal at our family dinner table. At the time, I took it all … Continue reading Thanks, Mom!

Reasons to run

Running enables me to be the best version of myself. When people ask me why I run, I give the expected answer - it's great exercise that makes me feel good and allows me to be outside to enjoy nature. This is what running is all about, right? My answer seems to appease most people, … Continue reading Reasons to run

Crushing our hills

From my running experience, I know how important it is to run hills to develop strength and endurance. It's a lesson I learned early on during one of my first 5K races when I had to run a steep hill to reach the finish line. Tired from putting out all the energy I had throughout … Continue reading Crushing our hills

Marathon training or maintaining?

For most people, the beginning of February means Ground Hog day and the hope that spring will only be six weeks away. For me, it means it's time to sign up for the Broad Street Run. Unfortunately, this year I received an email telling me I wasn't selected. Feeling sorry for myself that I would … Continue reading Marathon training or maintaining?

How the story ends – healthy feet

When I read a book, I commit to finishing it, no matter how boring or strange it may seem. Most times, fortunately, the ending is good, and I'm glad I stuck with the journey. My journey with plantar fasciitis has a good ending, too. After two and a half months of pain, inflammation, and tightness, … Continue reading How the story ends – healthy feet